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At CFI we pride ourselves in the quality of our work.
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How can we help you?

At Computer Forensics Inc. we have a wide array of experience with knowledgeable investigators ready to assist you with your specific needs. Bringing us into process early enables us to preserve all of the evidence necessary for your case, giving you the best chance for success

Civil Litigation

With millions of dollars potentially at stake, ensure you have the right expertise and forensics team on your side.

Criminal Litigation

Our wealth of experience as experts for both the Crown and defense enable us to provide a thorough, objective analysis of your case.

Corporate Investigations

Fraud, intellectual property theft, and wrongful dismissals are some of the areas in which our expertise has helped save corporations thousands.


Expert Witness Testimony

Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Well-Respected in the legal community.We confidently stand behind our work and are always prepared to testify should your case require it.

Litigation Support

With plenty of courtroom experience, our goal is to arm you with a sound understanding of all of the facts as they relate to all aspects of digital and cell phone forensics.

All investigators at CFI are professionally trained and certified in the forensically sound preservation of digital evidence. All data is backed up and can be preserved for as long as is required. Missing a valuable piece of evidence in the beginning can jeopardize things down the road.

Often we are required to remove privileged information from various digital media. You can rest assured your privileged and sensitive data has been properly removed to ensure it stays in the right hands.

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“CFI are my go-to experts for all digital evidence issues. They have a remarkable ability to help you understand the foreign language of computer forensics--no matter how complex--in clear, easily digestible terms. Whether I'm analyzing the manner in which the police executed a search warrant for digital evidence, or trying to determine the limits of the Crown's evidence in a computer crimes case, CFI is an invaluable resource. I highly recommend them.”

Gerald Chan/ Stockwoods LLP